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Stadium of University Electronic Science and Technology of China

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Since completion in 2011, University Basketball Super League (CUBS), National Undergraduate Computer Programming Contest, ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest, “Freescale” National Undergraduate Modeling Contest and National Youth Information Science Olympiad and Sichuan ‘New Silk’ Modeling Contest and other large-scale theatrical performances are organized and held in this stadium. It can be arranged depending on the use demand and the stage and the rostrum can be set flexibly; it has high overall performance. The routine arrangement of the stadium includes a standard basketball courts, 14 badminton courts and 8 table tennis tables. The stadium is equipped with 6,785 fixed seats, of which 960 seats on the first floor and 2,437 seats on the second floor, and 3,388 seats on the third floor.

The dome of the stadium is spoke type of tensioned beam structure and the roof span is 100 meters. The stadium is equipped with dedicated gym wood floors, central air-conditionings, high-definition LED large screen, video surveillance, automatic fire extinguishing system and light-acoustics and other standard configurations, and it meets the live broadcast requirements. The stadium is awarded two National-level awards in construction area; they are respectively the “China Steel Diamond Award” and “China Building Construction Luban Awards”.