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The 1st Panda-themed International Coffee Art Festival Themed Was Opened

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The 1st panda-themed international coffee art festival was held in Perfect Park on November 2-3. 

Over 100 baristas across the country participated in the two coffee competition shows, including professional coffee competition and ace baristas challenge on site. 

In addition to the delicious coffees available on site, there were also colorful programs such as panda themed artistic photographing space, “coffee music” performance, exhibition of panda ornaments and “Panda Man” parade on site. A cup of thick coffee with elegant music made people sigh that “panda matches the best with coffee” every now and then. 

It was learnt that this coffee art festival had attracted over 60 coffee exhibitors, including Bernachon and Ou Hao. Distinguished from traditional pure coffee sales, the exhibitors could provide general public with services such as operation of coffee drinks, coffee raw material equipment sales and professional coffee making training, etc.