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The District Government Holds the District Mayor Work Meeting and the 68th Executive Meeting

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On November 12, the District Government held the District Mayor Work Meeting and the 68th Executive Meeting. District Deputy Secretary/Mayor Pu Fayou chaired the meeting.

The meeting conveyed and studied the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Party, the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping while conducting an investigation in Inner Mongolia and guiding an education with the theme of “remain true to our original aspiration, keep our mission firmly in mind”, the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping when conducting an investigation in Henan, the spirit of the sixth meeting of the "Remain True to Our Original Aspiration, Keep Our Mission Firmly in Mind" Theme Education Leading Group of the Municipal Party Committee, and the spirit of the (enlarged) sessions of the provincial, municipal and district standing committees, and studied and deployed the work for implementation; watched the eighth patch of videos on unannounced investigations by urban management officers on the comprehensive treatment of revolutionary environment, interpreted the Regulations on the Food Safety Responsibility System for Local Party and Government Leaders and Cadres, and listened to the report on the establishment of a national food safety demonstration city, and reviewed issues related to the construction project of Chengdu Yingcai School.

As for the recent key tasks, the meeting requested that: first we must fully promote the systematic implementation in the district government of the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Party and the spirit of the recent major conferences of central, provincial, municipal. Second, we must do a good job in coordination, striving to complete the goals and tasks of the whole year. Third, we must make scientific arrangements and take the initiative in docking to accelerate the construction of projects. Fourth, we must strengthen our confidence and determination, and work hard to develop more measures to resolutely win the blue sky and clear water defense battle in winter. Fifth, we must persist in our efforts and continuously improve the level of urban management. Sixth, we must strengthen the implementation of responsibilities, and do a good job in the third-party evaluation and inspection of the city's whole business environment.

The meeting pointed out that food safety is of vital importance to the health of the citizens and to the harmony and stability of the society, and ensuring food safety is people's livelihood project and people's heart project. It is necessary to continuously enhance the sense of responsibility and mission to do a good job in food safety work and to effectively protect the people's "safety on the tip of the tongue"; necessary to further improve the supervision system, strictly implement food safety responsibility system, focus on key fields and areas of supervision, and seriously punish derelictions of duty in food safety supervision.

The meeting stressed that to promote the construction of the school project with high standards is related to the vital interests of people and is an important approach to provide the education service guarantee for the accelerated construction of a strong district in education and the quality construction of “Tianfu Chengdu ? Cultural Tourism of Chenghua” and a demonstration district of the beautiful and livable park city. All relevant units should further enhance their sense of responsibility, mission and urgency, switch to effective timings, increase work efforts, strengthen communication and docking, and form a joint effort to ensure the accelerated construction of the school project in an orderly manner.

Deputy District Mayor Liu Yi, Zhao Kaixiong, Yu Sheng and Deng Xu attended the meeting. Wu Lingyun, deputy director of the District People’s Congress Standing Committee, Yu Yabin, district official, and Xu Hong, vice-president of the district CPPCC, attended the meeting as observers.