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Create Green Micro Space and Build Livable Living Environment

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On November 12, “Micro Management of Green Space” Project in Donglu Community of Erxianqiao Sub-district was formally completed. Through the joint participation of communities, residents and social organizations, vacant land was reused and recreated in order to create a livable and green living community environment.

Located beside the Party-Masses Service Center of Donglu Community with a total area of about 400 m2, the vacant land regained its vitality and vigor after 1-month renovation.

Community workers and residents were doing the last step of decorating this small green land when the reporter arrived. All participants made wall-painting stickers. After a while, vivid patterns came into being one after another. The original monotonous wall surface became abundant and interesting all of a sudden.

With the joint efforts of everyone, the vacant land, which once overgrew with weeds, was surrounded by flowers and green trees, and decorated with plenty of flower nurseries. At the same time, there were also rest pavilion and rest seats set there. Vines in the surrounding area brought full vitality for the beginning of winter. All these changes made residents feel a greener, more harmonious and livable community environment.