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Party Members Serve As Volunteers to Guide Residents to Conduct Garbage Classification

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On October 27th, the Community of Northwest Road, Erxianqiao Street, Chenghua District carried out a party-building themed activity of "Garbage Classification" together with Chengdu Jingcai Social Workers in the No. 9 yard of Northwest Road Community. In the activity, party members of the No. 9 yard acted as volunteers, giving full play to the exemplary and leading role of party members, and actively reading environmental protection proposals and distributing leaflets for residents to help more residents understand and master the knowledge of garbage classification.                    
Community residents came to the scene in succession, they learned and grasped the knowledge of garbage classification, and consciously joined the ranks of garbage classification. 
Chen Zongqiang, a party member representative of the No. 9 yard, led everyone jointly issued the garbage classification initiative, and put forward the declaration of environmental protection "Garbage Classification, Start from Me". After the end of the initiative, it was an exciting game interaction, which attracted a lot of residents to participate, and the scene was very lively.